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The Final Push for Home
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We were glad to be leaving Peru and making our way back to Ecuador as we headed for home. The Peruvian people are wonderful, everyone we met were friendly and helpful. Parts of the country are amazingly beautiful and diverse … Read More

Lima Blues…..part 2
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Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it’s important to have friends, good friends. We are lucky, we have lots of good friends, and right when we needed help, one of those friends stepped in to save the day. We … Read More

Lima Blues……part 1
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After landing we were directed to a giant ramp in the middle of the airport and parked next to an Airbus. We shut down and were immediately confronted by an airport official speaking really quickly in Spanish. Clearly they were … Read More

Emcinco Flies North!
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It was no hardship going back through the beautiful lake and volcano district. The aero club at Villarrica welcomed us again and we camped out at their amazing little airport. Parts of Chile had just been devastated by forest fires … Read More

Ice Fields and Guanacos
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The members of the aero club in Puerto Montt showed us some of the most amazing kindness and generosity we had experienced so far on this trip. They went out of their way to help us out and made us feel … Read More

The big lake and more
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After our uneventful night in Puerto Aisen, we were ready to get going again. The weather had lifted, and while not completely clear, it was good enough that we could make our way toward Balmaceda for fuel and then hopefully … Read More

Patagonia Calling
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After spending some time in the central part of Chile we looked at the map and realized that we weren’t that far from the lake district. With lots of volcanoes and lakes to see on our way south, the lake … Read More

Deserts, vineyards, bicycles, airplanes – whats not to love…
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The desert slowly changed as we flew from Peru into Northwest Chile. You don’t notice it at first, but after a while the sand dunes disappear and the desert takes on some amazing colors. Red, orange, yellow, purple and everything … Read More

Chile…….is wonderful, but……..
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It was exciting for us to finally make it to Chile, the southern most country on the Pacific ocean side of this trip. This is a country with great infrastructure, a friendly general aviation atmosphere and lots of diverse countryside … Read More