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Patagonia Calling
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After spending some time in the central part of Chile we looked at the map and realized that we weren’t that far from the lake district. With lots of volcanoes and lakes to see on our way south, the lake … Read More

Deserts, vineyards, bicycles, airplanes – whats not to love…
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The desert slowly changed as we flew from Peru into Northwest Chile. You don’t notice it at first, but after a while the sand dunes disappear and the desert takes on some amazing colors. Red, orange, yellow, purple and everything … Read More

Chile…….is wonderful, but……..
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It was exciting for us to finally make it to Chile, the southern most country on the Pacific ocean side of this trip. This is a country with great infrastructure, a friendly general aviation atmosphere and lots of diverse countryside … Read More

Between a rock and a hard place….
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This installment should have been posted before our “Sacred Valley” portion because it occurred when we were traveling to Cuzco, but hey, it’s South America, things happen differently here! While planning this trip, we had always talked about parking the … Read More

Peru…..The Sacred Valley and Beyond
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Our Collectivo dropped us off in front of one of the historic churches on the Plaza in Cusco. Even at 11:30 at night, the plaza was impressive. Grand in size with manicured flower beds, stone pavers, plenty of benches and … Read More

Peru’s North Coast….Deserts, Ruins and Beaches
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About an hour’s flight out of Guayaquil the terrain turned brown and dry. We had arrived in Peru’s desert northwest. Even though it seemed like a desert wasteland, there were pockets of cultivation to be seen. Avocados and mangos seems … Read More

The Mainland……….Ecuador Part 2
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Although we were sad to see our Galapagos trip come to an end, we were excited to see what the rest of Ecuador had to offer. There are three separate regions to the mainland. The flat Pacific coastal plain that … Read More

The Galapagos……….Ecuador Part 1
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Our plan for the Galapagos came together over dinner with dear friends almost a year ago. We had already decided that we had to include it in our trip, its on the bucket list for every nature lover.. We’ve known … Read More

Colombia…”don’t go there” they said.. so we did!
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Colombia! We went there and we loved it. There is no denying Colombia’s tumultuous past. The country has come a long way since it’s dangerous era and they are working hard at changing the perception of the country. There is … Read More