Plane Perfect4-v5_koozieWe have a few people that we’d like to acknowledge. Their help and support has been invaluable and a big thank you goes out to them.


Alec aka ‘MTNWEST’ for help with international charts.

Rich with Plane Perfect for product sponsorship and helpful advice on video and web content.

Vid, the brains behind this site that you are viewing and the first person to buy us a gallon of fuel!

Bobcat for helping out with illustrations and logos.

The folks at Caribbean Sky Tours for their help with Central America flight planning info.

‘Monsieur Steve’ for his help on the GenDec paperwork.

Thank you Tom in Mancos for letting Emcinco squat in your hangar.

Lisa at Travers aviation insurance for all the hard work securing coverage.

The lads at Gregg Flying Service for helping Emcinco get ready.

Oliver at Air Navigation Pro for help with charts in South America.

Thank you to all of those folks who bought a gallon of gas for Emcinco:

Bill R, CVD, Jesse E, Larry F, Gary L, Dave & Kim R, Big Ben P, Mary S, Vid, Perry.

Eduardo in San Salvador.

Larry for Costa Rica info.

Teddy for info on Panama. Jesus for help with accommodation in Panama City.

Allen for his house on Contadora.

Jorge in Colombia for local flying information.

Alfredo in Ecuador for local flying information.