Emcinco is a 1980 Maule M-5 tailwheel aircraft.IMG_0314

Find out more about the M-5 at wikipedia or the latest models from Maule at mauleairinc.com.



The plane became ’emcinco’ on a trip to southern Mexico during routine radio communications with a controller. The occupants limited Spanish was put to the test when the controller asked for make and model of the airplane. The manufacturer was eventually established, but the model just wasn’t translating (possibly the pilot’s South African accent had something to do with it).  Finally emcinco emerged and the controller immediately understood, it was at that moment that the planes’ name (and personality) were born.

Emcinco is crewed by Paul and Sara. From a home near the Four Corners where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet, Emcinco has logged many miles over the high desert of the southwest.

Emcinco will happily carry two full-sized mountain bikes and land in a just few hundred feet nearly anywhere the ground is level. Their camping adventures to date have included high mesas, riversides, shorelines, and everything in between.

In September 2016, Emcinco – along with Paul and Sara – embarked on a journey southbound along the spine of the American continents towards the southern tip of South America.

While on their southerly course, they will stay to the west side of the high peaks of the Andes. With the mountains to their left and the Pacific to their right they will continue south. Once the terrain eases to lower elevations near Patagonia, the intrepid trio will turn towards the east then northwards.

Look for them over the jungles and lowlands of the Amazon river sometime early next year!


Of course, there will be inevitable changes to the flight plan. But, for now, the total round-trip distance for the trip is approximately 14,000 nautical miles. The return home is anticipated to be sometime in March or April of 2017.